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The OOO SafPlast (or SafPlast Innovative) is No. 1 factory in Russia for the production of polymer extrusion sheets. The company was founded in 2007, and as early as in 2009 it became the market leader in the production and sales of multiwall and solid polycarbonate sheets; in April 2010, it launched a line for the production of polycarbonate profiles. Since 2012, it produces solid sheets of acrylic glass and corrugated polycarbonate and polymethyl methacrylate sheets. Since 2014, transparent PET sheets have been produced in the PET-A, PET-G and PET GAG modifications (PET sheets imports in the launch period reached 90% of the market). The mission of the company is to meet the international polymer sheet market needs in start-of-the-art, practical, environmentally safe, and aesthetic polymer materials. The SafPlast portfolio is composed of products for various purposes: engineering multiwall and solid polycarbonate sheets for construction and vandal-proof transparent elements; acrylic glass, PET sheets for advertising and furniture production; light-scattering sheets used in lighting equipment; multiwall polycarbonate sheets for agriculture.
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