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Name of company: Closed Joint Stock Company Polymatiz Closed Joint Stock Company Polymatiz is an affiliate of PJSC «Nizhnekamskneftekhim», part of the TAIF group of companies. Founded in 2006, from April,2007–resident of the Special Economic Zone Alabuga. Activity: Production of nonwoven fabrics and construction membranes Polymatiz products: 1.Spunbondin combinations S, SS, SMS, SMMS with density15 to150g/sq. m, width 0.18 to12.4 m, trademarks Polyspun®Agro, Polyspun®Profy, Polyspun®Medy; 2.Construction materials -laminated material, underroofmembrane of Polyspun®Stroy trademark; 3. High-width cover agricultural material of Polyspun®Agro trademark, the width 3.2 m to 12.4 m is attained by use of longitudinal ultrasound welding. Spheres of use: 1.construction (industrial, multistoried and individual housing construction) 2.agriculture 3.consumer goods production (furniture, footwear, garment industry, leather accessories) 4.medicine 5.filters


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