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About polycarbonates, which are produced in the Republic of Tatarstan.

About polycarbonates, which are produced in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Polycarbonates are linear polyesters of carbonic acid. There are two industrial methods for the production of polycarbonates: phosgenation of bisphenol A and transesterification of diphenyl carbonate with bisphenol A (non-phosgene method). The ongoing polycarbonate production process is a phosgene-free method developed by Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation.
In 2008, Kazanorgsintez PJSC completed the construction and commissioning of a polycarbonate production plant with a capacity of 65 thousand tons per year.
Ethylene oxide, carbon dioxide, bisphenol A are used as raw materials. The production process without phosgene is safer from an operational and environmental point of view.

Due to their heat resistance, lightness, high impact resistance and chemical inertness, polycarbonates are widely used as structural materials in the automotive, electronic and electrical industries, in household and medical equipment, instrument making and aircraft construction, industrial and civil construction.
The assortment has 5 main grades of general and optical polycarbonate.
Precision parts (gears, bushings, etc.), car headlights, optical lenses, CDs, CDs, safety helmets, and blood filters are all made from polycarbonate. Polycarbonate sheets are used where high heat resistance is required. For example: for glazing of buildings and sports facilities, greenhouses, for the production of laminated high-strength glass.
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