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Tatarstan Trade House was found in 1995 in order to provide and promote industrial goods produced in Tatarstan Republic to the Turkey as well as to the nearby markets. The sectoral differentiation of production in Tatarstan varies from natural resources extraction to the hi-tech aircrafts, while the range of products varies from oil and its derivatives to airliners and helicopters.

Tatarstan Trade House has been created to develop economic ties between the Republic of Tatarstan, Turkey and the region. The drastic expansion of production capacities of these plants provoked the necessity to open to the new markets. Although the priority area to expand at the beginning was Mediterranean Region, later on, the geographical area has expanded to North and South Americas as well as to the fast growing economies of Asian Pacific Region.

At the core of the economy of the Republic of Tatarstan there are such leading producers as JSC ‘Tatneft’, ‘Nizhnekamskneftechim’ Inc., JSC ‘Kamaz’, JSC ‘Kazanorgsintez’, JSC ‘Nizhnekamsktekhuglerod’, ‘Tatneft–Nizhnekamskneftechim Oil’ Ltd., JSC ‘Ukrtatnafta’, JSC "Kazan Optical Mechanics Plant", JSC "Kazan Helicopter Plant", and FGUP "KAPO N.A. Gorbunov". The Tatarstan Trade House acts as a coordinator in the bi-directional cooperation between above mentioned producers in Tatarstan and their counterparts in Turkey. Moreover, it offers to the international markets such products as tires, submersible pumps, aircrafts, medical instruments, machinery, optical instruments, and wide range of petrochemicals. Tatarstan has a well developed petrochemicals industry, the largest in the CIS countries. Thus the Tatarstan Trade House makes special efforts to develop export of petrochemicals from Tatarstan, Russian Federation to Turkey and other markets. This cooperation resulted in the establishment of direct contact between JSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim and its ultimate consumers avoiding multiple intermediaries, which affected sales considerably. JSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim gained the opportunity to pursue its own marketing policy. The range of top-grade petrochemical products encompasses neonols, ethylene glycols, polystyrene and polyethylene, base and polyalphaolefine oils, carbon black, butyl-, butadiene-, halobutyl and isoprene synthetic rubbers.

Concerning the fact that the government of the Tatarstan Republic renounced natural resources based economic strategy and named the industrial development as the main strategy for the next decade. Representation of the interests of the major manufacturers of the Republic puts Tatarstan Trade House in a favorable position. This allows the Tatarstan Trade House  to provide logistics and finance services while marketing its goods at the best competitive prices and on the regular basis. Presence of Tatarstan Trade House in the market gave the opportunity to establish a worldwide networking system of coordination offices and warehouses as well as profound mutual relations with many leading manufacturers, such as Türk Pirelli Lastikleri A.Ţ., Goodyear Lastikleri T.A.Ţ, Bertolini, Cognis Kimya A.Ţ., Zorlu Holding, Koc Holding, Hattatoglu Holding, Sanko Holding, Dizayn Group, and Dogan Holding.

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